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      In-Home Appointments

Effective Oct.1st, 2022:
Note: Increase in Fee for service will take effect Oct.1st,2022 to $60/visit.

Foot care Services for clients who:

You want more than a cosmetic pedicure

    Health conditions: Diabetes,vascular issues, auto-immune concerns, cancer, wounds, skin conditions etc.

  • have vision problems that make it difficult for you to see your feet well enough to perform your own foot care

  • have limited strength or agility in your hands

  • have involuted or ingrown nails

  • have thickened nails that are difficult to trim

  • have toe nail fungus and other nail/skin conditions

  • are diabetic and therefore at a higher risk of developing foot problems due to decreased sensation to your feet

  • have poor circulation to your feet

  • have limited ability to reach your feet

  • Callous,corns, bunions,hammer/claw/rigid toes


Fee for Service{s}:


THIS IS A FEE FOR SERVICE: pay at time of service

Who provides Coverage?

:Veterans Affairs (if approved by DVA)

:Most Insurance plans require a Rx note from your Doctor.

***You will need to check with your healthcare insurance plan, if this service is covered for you.




About your Footcare Nurse

I am a Lisenced Practical Nurse with Bachelor of Science of Podology,with Advanced footcare training & Certified Podologist & Certified Master Pedicurist.  I understand the importance of ensuring qualtiy and variety of services to promote and maintain your foot health. 

Forms & Info.







Providing foot care services for:

                - In-home (Kamloops)

          - Community Clinics

          - Group Homes

          - Logan Lake






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