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Experienced in foot care

About Foreverfeet- footcare ltd.

Foreverfeet-footcare Ltd. was created by Suzanne Marsel in the fall of 2012 with the understanding that overall health and wellness begins from the FEET up. "I have been working in healthcare since 1994 and through the years I have seen a constant need for quality,affordable footcare health services in the community.  Working with diabetics, people in wheelchairs to those with a multitude of health & ambulatory issues no matter what your age there is always a need to promote footcare health through educating and regular footcare by a professional. " - Suzanne, footcare nurse.
Our feet are a vital part of our independence and  mobility; maintaining healthy pain-free feet will help you live a active, healty lifestyle.
People of all ages and lifestyles can suffer from foot problems,  so don't  feel shy about your feet. "Lets work together to make your feet healthy and comfortable.
I will work with you by providing footcare health services, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, so you can relax knowing that your feet are in caring hands." - Suzanne, footcare nurse.


How to Book a Care Session 

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN KAMLOOPS,Logan Lake,Ashcroft.(for home visits)
CONTRACT /CLINIC WORK (location/arrangements can be arranged)
Step one: Make your appointment by

Step two:  Fill in Consent & Health Questionnaire Forms 

Step three: If you booked by phone: will be asked a"Pre-visit" health                              check (see Pre-Visit Screening in the forms section) 
                  :if you booked by emailing/online; you will receive a reminder                      and a pre-screen form (mandatory to fill in) via email 24-                          48hrs prior to your appointment.

What to Expect the Day of Your Appointment

-Wear comfortable clothing (able to assess lower leg knee to foot)
-Have your everyday shoes available to be assessed
-Be prepared for a 30-45min session.

Will go over all of your health issues/medications etc, to complete your footcare health profile and address any concerns/issues you may have with your footcare needs.
A typical footcare session includes a foot & gait assessment, cleaning the feet, toenail care, corn & callus care, nail cutting/filing, skin care,  footwear education as well as a general health & medications review.  
At this time payment is required. 
If you like, you can book your next session at this time as well.  
Hours of Operation
 Monday - Friday
Some Saturdays available.
Sundays & Holidays
(closed for conferences and continuing education workshops)


Health Standards

Foreverfeet-footcare follows strict infection control guidelines as set out by Province of BC & Health Canada to ensure qualtiy footcare service.

  • cleaned in a Autoclave sterilizer in accordance with IHA infection control standards & Health Canada's  recommendations.
  • nail files and other items used during your service are one time use products, with the exception of black files, nippers and E-file devices.

All instruments are:

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