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Day  Clinics  & Group  Presentations

Foot care needs at any age.


No matter what your age, we all have feet that need our attention on a daily,weekly and monthly basis.

From the very basics washing and drying the feet to trimming and filing to dealing with changes in our foot health and structure of the foot.


Learning how to monitor changes in how we are walking, to medications and illness that change our health that affect our feet and overall wellness.


It's never too early or too late to care for our foot health and understanding the importance of how all systems affect our feet.


Let's Keep Our Feet Healthy One Step at a Time


Group Presentations/ Health Fair/Education Events.


Looking for someone to present on "Health for your Feet" and Other Topics related to feet, footcare, footwear, etc.   


Foreverfeet-footcare Ltd offers an informative and educational approach to foot care health, through discussions and hands on teaching.


From small to large groups, focusing on the specific needs of the individual group.


If your group is looking for someone to come and present on Foot care "Health for your feet"

Office:  250-554-4500  (leave a message for Suzanne) 





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