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    Q: Who can have foot care?

    A:  Anyone can have footcare done


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    Q: Is this service covered by my MSP?

    A: No, footcare services are not covered by MSP, FEE at time of  SERVICE; depending on your extended health plan, Diabetic or other health conditions you may qualify for coverage/reimbursement.

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    Q: Do I get a receipt for this service?

    A:  Yes, you can request a receipt, which can be emailed or mailed to you, receipts can be used for income tax (Nursing Service). 

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    Q: Are your instruments "Autoclaved"?

    A: YES, all instruments are autoclaved and any items not able to be autoclaved are one time use.

    All autoclaving is done in office, not out sourced to ensure consistent processing.

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    Q:How can I find out if I have coverage for this service?

    A: You need to check with your extended health care plan, maybe required to get a Doctor's Note to aid in your plan coverage.

    Veterans: can either contact DVA office or give Suzanne their K# and she will check into your coverage.

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    Q:Do you go to the hospital" R.I.H" or Ponderosa Lodge?

    A:Currently NO; due to 3 pages of consent,paperwork and getting a Doctor's order for footcare while under their care.

    Also, there is a much higher risk for infection in hospital/lodge due to clients being "not well enough to go home"  focusing on the " not well enough" 

  • 7.

    Q:Why does it take a while to get a return call back?

    A:Currently I am the only person, so I have to wear all the hats (booking,scheduling,ordering,footcare, invoices/receipts, autoclaving/cleaning, and ........) I need to end my day at some point, that is why emailing me is a quicker way to connect with me.