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Treatments and Prices

All footcare health services are Individualized to meet your own footcare needs.

Footcare is done In-Home 

Foot care Service


​Nail & Skin care


Diabetic Assessment:(Seperate Fee)

-this is an extra service, can be added onto the footcare service.

-assessment & completion of findings report. 

Client will receive a copy of findings report.


Wound Care & Dressings: (EXTRA FEE)

assessment and wound care

completion of wound assessment forms

Cost will be based on products required for wound care.


Footcare Service includes:

-assessment of lower leg & feet
-Nail care (includes thick, misshapen, fungal, complicated nails, etc)
-Skin care ( dry, fungal, cracked heels, corns, callous, etc)

Diabetic Assessments :

-for Diabetic clients & their Health Professionals

-Assessments range from Annually, every 3 months, to as needed based on any changes in Diabetic health.

-Completed assessment forms are issued to the client & client's Physician upon request.

Wound Care:

-Assessment of wounds/trauma to lower leg/ feet.

-If required, wound care based on findings from assessment.

-care products required for wound care and dressing/bandages.

-completion of wound care assessment/care forms.

-Copy for wound care assessment forms issued to client & client's physician upon request.


 ** Due to infection control guidelines: No foot soaks during foot care service**

:Home Visit: $55.00 (one person)
:Couples Package: $100 ( two people at same location)
:Group & Contract  Clinic settings (TBD with Suzanne)


​​>>> Approved  Veterans Affair provider <<<

>>Reciepts given after service provided<<

The Perfect Gift


(for services & products)
 call: 250.554.4500 


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